Smart Phones

Occasionally, I’ll get a request to port Mach Dice to other platforms (Palm Pre, LG Touch, HTC Diamond, Google Android, Virtual Tabletop, etc.). But with a full time job, I barely have enough time to just work on the iPhone. So it isn’t likely any time soon. Still, I am curious. Do any of you have one of the other smart phones? Or does anyone have a sense of how many people own each of the devices? My impression is that iPhone has the biggest app customer base out there, but I’ve only ever seen anecdotal evidence.

12 Responses to “Smart Phones”

  1. UTSquishy Says:

    I came across this looking for a Java Dice App for my phone. Sony Ericsson w760—which has an accelerometer. This far I’ve found one OK text app and one OK picture based app—but nothing that even touches Mach Dice. I’m Jealous of those that can afford an iPhone.

  2. Mach Says:

    Thanks. =)

    It is too bad that the iPhone is so expensive. I don’t think I’d have one now if I weren’t developing for it. One alternative is the iPod Touch, which you can get for maybe $150 on eBay and it runs most of the games and apps, including Mach Dice.

  3. zcorpios Says:

    I have a moto Q9c and I would love to have a few app I could use with my RPG. Mach dice is fantastic and wish I could grab a copy for my phone. Not fair that all of the good stuff goes to such an over rated gadet like the iPhone.

  4. Kristian Says:

    I’m getting an Android phone in December as a Christmas/anniversary present from my wife, and I’d love to see this app on that platform. I’m debating between the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment, both of which have accelerometers. The Moment has a faster processor but no multitouch capability, unlike the HTC Hero which has a slower processor.

  5. Mach Says:

    I’d love to see my app on other platforms, too. =) But sadly, I’ve got a full time job and only have enough free time to write apps for one platform.

  6. Kieran Says:

    Hopefully the rumoured Google Phone will make the Android Market a little more hospitable. By most accounts there’s a lack of polished apps there.

  7. Meghan Says:

    I’d love to have MachDice on the Motorola Droid (running Android 2.0). I read a review of it in Knights of the Dinner Table (#156) and it sounds like it is exactly what I’m looking for (so far the Android die-rollers aren’t impressing me…).

  8. John Says:

    I just bought a Nexus One, and wish that Mach Dice was available for it!

    So, anytime you want to port it over would be super great. 😉

  9. Mach Says:

    Hmm … does anyone know of a good developer interested in porting iPhone applications to Android?

  10. Chris Says:

    REALLY looking forward to a ‘Droid port for your stuff. AT&T sucks.

  11. Benjamin Says:

    I would ABSOLUTELY pay $5.00 for this awesome looking app!

    Please port it over…

    It’s not toooo complicated to do is it?



  12. Ithil Says:

    Yeach, i would pay 5$ without regrets for mach dice for android, too.

    I switched for new phone recently, leaving iphone behind, and i really miss Your app..

    Any news with porting over?