The Woz Liked Holograms!

This past week, I went to a bunch of WWDC parties. I’m too cheap to actually attend WWDC (it’s over $1000!) but the parties are free and sometimes they have cookies. I met a bunch of other iPhone app developers, saw some neat upcoming apps, and managed to get into the iPhone Launch Party with special guest Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and creator of the Apple I and Apple ][.

Now, I’ve noticed that Holograms generally gets a pretty positive reaction but it definitely has a certain “geek” factor to it. I figured that if anyone at the party would appreciate Holograms, it’d be Steve Wozniak. So I snapped a photo of him, used my app to turn it into a hologram and showed it to him. Sure enough, he and his wife, Janet Hill, got a big kick out of it! That would have been cool enough but then he asked for my business card and when I gave him one, he gave me one of his. And let me tell you, Woz’s business card is nearly as awesome as he is. It’s a sheet of metal with laser-etched holes for his logo and each individual character is engraved and painted white. Also, the edges are quite sharp. I think I could kill an elephant with that thing.

I had lots of fun at all the WWDC parties but that was certainly the highlight of the week for me. He and his wife are both very sweet people and it was a pleasure meeting them.

4 Responses to “The Woz Liked Holograms!”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    Okay, that is the coolest thing ever. Congrats Mach, now you know you have made it. Woz rocks.

  2. Deluxe Says:

    Congratulations Mach!

    But don’t walk in the street with it apparent, there are people who would “kill” you for it =). Too risky…

  3. Mach Says:

    Thanks! And it looks like I got mentioned in an NBC Bay Area news article on Woz at that party.

  4. Deluxe Says:

    “The man looked like a giddy teenager meeting a rock star”…
    Like on your photo ^^ (I’d react the same =).