Honda CBR f4

Longtime readers of this blog (hi Mom!) will know that I got into a bit of a vehicular altercation recently. My motorcycle and an older gentleman’s car debated as to who should be in the intersection of Park Avenue and Emery Street at 7:30pm on Thursday, April 12. In a legal sense, I won because he had a stop sign and I did not. But in a more pragmatic sense, he won because his Cadillac weighed 10 times as much as my Kawasaki Ninja.

Sadly, the Ninja did not survive the incident. (Don’t worry, I was fine as I was thrown off the bike and met the sweet, sweet embrace of asphalt fully encased in an armored suit and helmet.)

Fortunately, the other guy’s insurance fully covered the accident. I looked around for another bike to replace it and my friend said that she could give me a really great deal on her old Honda CBR f4 because she wasn’t really riding it anymore and it needed a bit of a tune up. So now I’ve got a new bike!

4 Responses to “Honda CBR f4”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    Enjoy the new bike Mach. This time, try not to play chicken with any more Cadillac’s…;)

  2. Dan Says:

    Congrats on the new hi-vis bike Mach. I just got my first bike this weekend, a Kawasaki Vulcan 750: The Betty. Who did you buy the CBR from? Sandy?

  3. Mach Says:

    Oooh, congrats Dan and thanks NinjaHERO! (Incidentally, I didn’t even know you could do HTML tags in these comments. Learn something new every day…) I got the bike from Kureha who actually has another bike that she rides and was just keeping this one in storage.

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