First Review for Boom Dice!

Boom Dice now has its first review on the web at! From the review:

Boom Dice is a unique game which doesn’t seem to be based upon anything established. It’s quite refreshing and I hope it catches on. The basic goal is to reach 100 points before your opponents do. You can play single-player or up to four players. Game play is pretty quick which makes this a great game for a quick distraction or challenge with friends.

He also liked the art!

The graphics are absolutely amazing! Of course the dice are very cool with that tilt effect and the physics involved in the motion are spot on. What’s really a nice touch is the backgound of animated gears. They’re working, rotating during the game and have some sort of ticking sound. Situated between the gears and the dice is a wire mesh screen which sits on it’s own layer so that when you tilt the device everything moves in 3D unison; the dice, the wire mesh, and the gears. Very nice touch!

Check out the full review or better yet buy it on the iTunes Store and see for yourself!

One Response to “First Review for Boom Dice!”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    Rock on. That is a great review Mach. I hope you sell a ton of them.