76 Reviews and a Little Favor

Last week, I noticed the number of reviews on the iTunes store for Mach Dice dropped from 85 to 76. At first, I thought, “that’s odd…” but then I noticed that all the one-star reviews disappeared, reviews that I suspected did not come from people who actually bought it. Sure enough, it appears that Apple has decided to remove reviews from people who haven’t actually paid for your app. Yay!

There’s just one teeeeny, tiny problem. It looks like my average rating is still the old average and occasionally one of the fake one-star reviews pops up as a recent review. So, hey, if you’ve purchased Mach Dice, actually enjoyed it, and haven’t already done so — I’d really appreciate a nice review from you on the iTunes store. Thanks!

One Response to “76 Reviews and a Little Favor”

  1. Mach Says:

    Looks like non-customer reviews are still being used to calculate the average and that they still pop up in the “Recent Review” section. I’ve submitted a report to Apple about it but in the meantime, thanks anyways, scarymike23 and SenorDanimal!