The Spiel

Ever heard about The Spiel? It’s a neat podcast about boardgames. They did an episode called “Episode 68: That’s A Wrap – 2008 Holiday Gift Guide” with over 50 suggestions for boardgames in a bunch of different categories. They also mentioned a few other items of general interest for boardgamers, including the little iPhone app written by yours truly, Mach Dice. So, check them out if you’re into boardgames or take them up on their suggestion and purchase Mach Dice for a friend today! Heh, heh…

3 Responses to “The Spiel”

  1. Mark Wilder Says:

    I did buy it on The Spiel’s recommendation, and it’s well worth it! Great stuff.

  2. Mach Says:

    Thanks! I’ve noticed a little bump in my sales recently, I wonder if it’s from the Spiel?

  3. Jamie Says:

    The Spiel was a perfect blog in the world of holiday gift guide.