Using Photos in an iPhone App

I found a nice tutorial on using UIPickerController to use photos on your iPhone in your application. It’s a nice simple way to select a photo and then use it in some way, like as a texture or something. Unfortunately, it’s a little limited. There’s no way to tell it to grab a specific photo or to use the camera directly to display real-time images of what the camera sees. So I can’t use this to turn the iPhone into a funky kaleidoscope, but I do plan to make some use of it in Project #2.

In other news, here are some pictures. The first is my friend Sonoko and her awesome Alec the Bunny costume and me in my army dude costume. The second picture is me with the rest of my “platoon” after we just did a little invisible gun fight. Lots of fun. The last picture is my foot after getting smooshed between my motorcycle and a concrete barrier on the turn while exiting off a freeway just a tad too much velocity while on my way to the Russian consulate. Not quite as much fun, but still an important lesson was learned: slow down before entering a turn.

One Response to “Using Photos in an iPhone App”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    I am starting to see an alarming trend of your naked body parts showing up in this blog. Your scaring me Mach. At least the Army costume explains the hair cut.