Reproductive Rights (and My Balls)

So, I made a political video. In don’t think very many people will see it and even fewer will see this blog post but both the video and the post were made for me and if you’re curious, here’s what led to it.

I’ve been pretty upset about recent turn of events. I get the arguments on both sides and I understand how the Supreme Court works (even Ruth Bader Ginsberg had nuanced thoughts about Roe v. Wade). But fundamentally, I think it’s a bad thing that women in the U.S. no longer have the autonomy to decide what happens within their own bodies. So I fumed about it, I made donations that I hope will help, and I plan to vote in November, and then … well, I was left with this frustration.

So I channeled that frustration into making this video. I don’t think it’s going to change anyone’s mind, I don’t think it’s going to make a difference. I just wanted to do something. Sometimes, maybe that’s all you can do.

In lighter news, I did have some other ideas about blog posts: I made another Ludum Dare game and I wanted to scan in some older things that I did a long time ago, like a picture book I made in 6th grade and a comic I made while I was unemployed! I know that virtually no one reads this, but I like having it around as a record of stuff I did. In that sense, I wish more people kept blogs around.

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