New Vlogging Equipment

You might have noticed that the production qualities on my videos are … not the greatest. I just use the webcam on my laptop, which is 7 years old. I figured at some point, I’d get a new laptop and better webcam. Well, it turns out that even the latest laptops have the same low webcam resolution (1280x720p) and smart phones have had better camera resolutions (1920x1080p) for years. My friend pointed this out to me the other day. (I believe her exact words were, “My god, Mach, your videos are terrible quality. You should use your phone.”)

So, I went to the store and found a handy kit that came with a tripod, smartphone adapter, and fancy ring light. And I made this silly video to test it out. I’m not entirely sure it’s better with the new setup because the softer resolution and darker lighting were a little more … forgiving. But we must move ever onward!

Anyways, I hope you’re happy, Maria.

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  1. Maria Says:

    I am happy