Lego Battlebots

Ever since Dyson did a Lego summer camp a while ago, he’s been really into Lego. He told me about how they built robots to battle each other on tracks. I didn’t quite understand what he was talking about until we ran across a Lego activity center that had the same kind of battling robot setup. So Dyson excitedly challenged me to a duel.

It’s a pretty cool setup. They have an incredible assortment of Lego pieces and they’re all sorted into different buckets. You can build ships, houses, pretty much whatever you want. And when you’re done, you disassemble everything and put them back into the appropriate buckets. But Dyson wanted to build robots so that’s what we did. And then we battled them.

It was fantastic. My brother and I used to make stuff like this out of Lego when we were kids but we were always limited by the number of gears or motors in our sets. But here, the sky was the limit. So I got to design some more fanciful robots, even if they did get occasionally trounced by a five year-old’s.

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