SlideMontageAs Dyson gets older, he exhibits more independence. I find that it’s a balancing act between letting him grow into his own person and watching out for him.

If he’s being mean or behaving badly, I’m not really sure what to do. Ignore him if it’s towards me? Lecture him on the importance of being nice? Either way, it seems like something that warrants a response.

But for the most part, I try to let him do his own thing. He’s a pretty good kid and he’s a lot more cautious than I was (or still am, probably). So when he wanted to go down the big slide by himself, I let him. Well, that’s not quite true: he just leapt out in front of me before I got on. But the point is, I felt that the potential harm was outweighed by the potential benefits.

Bodies heal and character grows. That’s the hope, anyways.

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