Tracy recently got a telescope. She’s always been interested in astronomy and since she sometimes has trouble sleeping at night, she thought she might as well do something interesting while she’s awake.

The first night, she saw the moon. Tracy was pretty excited and called me over to check it out. I know you’ve probably seen better, clearer pictures of the moon elsewhere. But there’s just something cool about seeing it that detailed with your own eyes, as it were. So I took the picture to commemorate it.

Another night, Tracy found Jupiter and what appeared to be three of its moons! She was really excited by that and went and got me again. And I went, “Bluearhghh?” Because it was 3 in the freaking morning. And I was asleep … as all sane people should be. Still, I did manage to attain consciousness long enough to see a bright dot and three smaller dots around it. And it just hit me that I was looking at moons orbiting another planet. And that was pretty amazing.

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