Photo Dice and Speech Therapy

A couple weeks ago, I received a request from Photo Dice customer, Teresa Besson, to increase the number of dice listed in the dice tray from 26 to 99. This was surprising because I didn’t think anyone would even need 26 dice.

It turns out that she was a Speech Language Pathologist at an elementary school and she wanted to create dice for each of the 75 phonemes in English to engage her students in speech practice. She got the idea from a speech pathology blog that featured Photo Dice as an app that could help with speech therapy.

I was more than happy to oblige so I submitted an update and it just went live on the iTunes Store. I’ve also made Photo Dice backwards compatible with the original iPhone. So go check it out!

One Response to “Photo Dice and Speech Therapy”

  1. Vicki Davis! Says:

    That is an awesome idea! I will be sure to share this with my speech therapy friends!