Diving Off South Point and Math!


I’ve actually jumped off the cliff at South Point, Hawaii once before. It was over a decade ago during my first trip to Big Island. But back then I didn’t have a video camera.

I remember it being pretty terrifying back then, too. But even scarier? The climb back out of the water on a rickety, rusty ladder.

Also, we can use a bit of physics (x = x0 + v0 * t + 0.5 * a * t * t) to estimate how high the cliff is. In the video (which is 29.97 frames per second), I’m in freefall for roughly 44 frames or 1.468 seconds. So then the cliff is about 34.67 feet high.

Furthermore, we can calculate the speed at impact to be roughly 32.2 miles an hour. And I’ll tell you: at over 30 mph, water packs quite a punch.

2 Responses to “Diving Off South Point and Math!”

  1. Tami Says:


    Have a wonderful vacation!


  2. Mach Says:

    Hah, don’t worry, Mom. If you see a video then it probably means I survived. =)