How Tupac Got Me $40

A few days ago, I noticed a sudden increase in sales for my iPhone app, Holograms. I had no idea what caused it until someone commented on one of my videos that Tupac brought them there.

It turns out that a few days ago, rapper Tupac Shakur posthumously performed as a hologram at Coachella and it generated a lot of buzz. And then:

  • hundreds of thousands of people search for videos of Tupac as a hologram
  • a couple thousand of them stumble on my Holograms video
  • a couple dozen of those people decide to buy my iPhone app

And that’s how Tupac Shakur got me $40.

One Response to “How Tupac Got Me $40”

  1. shawn Says:

    Cool, now reward yourself and thank Tupac by listening to his greatest hits.