The Black Guy Always Dies

So I saw this trailer a while back and thought to myself, “I bet the Black guy dies”. (Spoiler: he totally does.) Why? Because that’s what happens in these kinds of movies … unless the movie stars, like, Denzel Washington or something.

But why is this so common? As it happens, I had a chance to ask the screenwriter about it and in this particular case, the original script was about three white boys.

But that just begs the question: why is so common in general? I don’t think it’s just straight up racism, I think it’s just that people generally only care about their own issues. And most directors, writers, and producers are white (and male). So all the characters that they really care about are going to be predominantly white (and male). So until there are more minorities and women in film the Black guy will probably die.

Unless he’s Denzel Washington.

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