Wordle Word Clouds

My friend Amos White is working on a book of haiku and needed a cover for it. One of the things he tried was putting the text from his book into wordl.net to generate a word cloud that created an image from all the words where each word’s size was proportional to its frequency in the text.

The only problem was that it was really hard to read the title and his name unless you made them really huge, which made the rest of the words hard to read. So I played around with some of the settings and then did some stuff in Photoshop to make it easier to see everything.

Anyways, it was fun to see the different images that came out of it. So if you’ve got a big block of text somewhere (like, say, a 50,000+ word novel that’s just out there for free on the web) plug it into wordle and see what comes out! (Also, note that you can adjust how many words appear by going to “Layout -> Maximum words…”.)

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