St. Nicholas Party

I was at a Christmas party recently that featured (what I am told) is a Dutch tradition. It went something like this:

  • everyone contributes a few small presents to a pot
  • people take turns rolling a die to take one to three presents from the pot until it’s empty
  • then, people take turns to roll a die to see what happens:
    • on a 1, everyone passes one gift to the left
    • on a 2, the roller exchanges one gift with the opposite person
    • on a 3, everyone passes one gift to the right
    • on 4-6, read a card
  • repeat until people decide to quit.

The fun part is that all the cards say things like, “Take the largest present in the room” or “Pick two people who have to exchange all their presents” or “Give the tallest woman your chocolate”. Also, all the cards were in Dutch and only two of the guests could understand them. Come to think of it, they were both pretty tall women…

One Response to “St. Nicholas Party”

  1. Sinterklaas Says:

    Sinterklaas games 🙂 always fun to play. We love them here in Holland!