We Have it (Relatively) Easy

A friend at work recently had her second baby and I was asking her how she managed with two kids at once when I was struggling with just the one. She chuckled and said that it’s more that you don’t realize how easy you had it when you only have one kid.

I thought about it and yeah, I guess it is pretty easy. I mean, sure, we’re getting less sleep than usual and yes, I feel like I’m constantly washing dishes or changing diapers. On the other hand, Tracy and I can pass the baby back and forth between us and get other stuff done. So I’m trying to take a moment to appreciate that we have it pretty good. Especially compared to my other co-worker who just recently had triplets.

Also, here’s Chapter 4 of the theoretical novel that I don’t have enough time to actually write in a month, but do have enough time to write about writing.

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