At Least She Let Me Down Easy

So, on Friday morning, the phone rings. Tracy answers it and it’s for me. I’m about to head out the door when she stops me with the words, “It’s someone from Apple, and they want to talk to you.” I take the call.

Sadly, it was a woman from the app review process to tell me that even after resubmission and a note from me explaining why I wanted the app to be so simple, they were still rejecting Starfield 3D because they felt it didn’t have enough functionality. I was bummed about that, but it was nice that they actually called. I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

On a different note, here’s Chapter 2 of Tesla: 2010. If I were giving chapters names, this one would be called “Mysterious Stranger”.

2 Responses to “At Least She Let Me Down Easy”

  1. Mao Ranma Says:

    Thus that is the beauty of Android. Really wish you’d consider switching to developing for Android. I used to have an iPhone, but I had a miserable experience with it. I had bought Mach Dice, and it was probably my most used application. We have something similar, but nothing in 3D. It’s something I really miss.

  2. Mach Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking about Android more and more. If I ever get a hold of an Android phone and some free time, I might start experimenting.