Pot Brownies

So … I was at this party once and this woman came wandering over with a big tupperware container of something. Then she opened the container and said, “pot brownie?”

Now, I didn’t know what a pot brownie was but I figured it was something like pot roast or pot stickers and I love brownies … maybe they were brownies cooked in a pot? I don’t know. So I enthusiastically said, “Sure!”, grabbed one and shoved it in my mouth.

Now … okay, yeah, it did taste a little funny, kinda herby, but I figured that’s what happens when you make brownies in a pot. Or something. Then I heard the woman go to the next group and say, “marijuana brownie?” and I was like, “mari-whuaaah?”

So I discretely spit out the brownie into a napkin and eventually disposed of it. Not that I have anything against recreational drugs but they do tend to lower inhibitions and if there’s one thing I don’t need less of, it’s inhibitions. And that is the story of how I chewed but did not ingest marijuana.

Anyways, here in California, we’re about to vote on Proposition 19 which would legalize marijuana. Seeing as how the majority of my readers are in California (hi Mom and Tracy!) I just wanted to voice my support of it, even though I personally don’t use marijuana because I feel that the cost of prosecution and incarceration far outweighs and costs of legalization.

One Response to “Pot Brownies”

  1. john davis Says:

    hahahhahahahahahahahahahah where can i get some??