Updates and Sales

I recently pushed out a little update for Mach Dice that added one of the most often requested features: Fudge Dice. It was simple to do and it gave me a chance to add a couple other feature that were easy to do as well (iOS 4 app switching and rounded dice). I was also curious to see if it would give me a slight bump in sales and the answer is … no.

As you can see from the graphs (the bottom one is a zoomed in version of the top), several thousand people upgraded to the new version but my sales stayed around a dozen or so each day.

On the one hand, it’s too bad that the update didn’t actually make a difference financially. On the other hand, it’s nice to know that thousands of people still have Mach Dice on their iOS devices! Also, I’ve gotten a few nice emails from people who like the new Fudge Dice.

Morale of the story: updates may not help you make more money, but it makes people happy. Fortunately, I do this as a hobby so I’ll probably do a few more updates in the future.

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