Spicy Dice

Do you like playing Yahtzee? Then check out Spicy Dice, a new iPhone dice game from Enginuity Game. It also happens to use Mach Dice for the dice physics.

Spicy Dice are six-sided dice with one number colored red. But each of the six dice has a different number colored red. If a die comes up red, you can use it as a wild card or you can use the red number for bonus points. You can roll the dice up to 30 times and you can score in Yahtzee-like categories like “all the twos” or “sum of all the pips” or “a run from one through six”. There are also advanced things you can do like score a set but hold some of the dice for the next set.

The game is free (it lets you play once a day but you can upgrade for unlimited plays if you like it) so if you’ve got an iOS device, check it out!

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