My brother pointed me to this simple little strategy game called Slay for the iPhone / iPad (it’s one of the few apps that I’ve seen that actually natively supports the iPad’s native resolution).

The game only has a few different types of units: peasants, spearmen, knights, and barons. And the rules are very simple: each unit beats the ones below it and they become much more expensive as they get higher. And the object is to take over the entire map. But the game has incredible layers of strategy where you have to balance between expansion and defense. If you are too aggressive, you risk getting cut off and losing all your units when they go bankrupt. Play too defensively and your opponents will become unstoppable.

If you’re into strategy games at all, check it out! There’s even a free trial version. My general strategy tip is to try to consolidate your lands and push out to a border where you can defend a little easier.

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