Castle Tiles Submitted!

I managed to submit my iPad project before the Saturday 5pm deadline (with an hour to spare!) so there’s a chance that Castle Tiles will actually be available to purchase on the first day that iPads become available. Here’s another screenshot. Can you guess how to play from the image?

5 Responses to “Castle Tiles Submitted!”

  1. Si Brindley Says:

    Nope – looks like there’s a lot going on though. I’m guessing you either have to attack or defend those four castles by matching the Horrible Programmer Art in each corner to the Horrible Programmer Art in the centre area?

  2. Deluxe Says:

    I think you wish to revisit the artwork of the game.
    You really wish to change that… =)

  3. Deluxe Says:

    Oh, and I wait for Boom Dice update!

  4. Mach Says:

    Heh, I’ve been thinking about redoing the art work… Given the deadline, I only had a couple days to do all the art assets (plus, I did almost all of it using only the tiny track pad on my notebook). So it was a choice between working on the art some more or actually getting the project done. But yeah, if people enjoy the game play, then yeah, I’ll make it look better.

  5. Deluxe Says:

    I’m afraid nobody will test the gameplay if you don’t change the artwork.
    Sorry but IMO that’s this bad. =/

    Ps: By artwork, I mean these geometrical figures (and their colors, too flashy). Surrounding and people are good enough.