Vampires Should Not Walk in Daylight

There’s a reason vampires are classically portrayed as having pale complexions. They cannot abide the sunlight. And in film, this works well visually. Their pallid pigmentation provides a sharp contrast to the night, when vampires are free to roam. But if you’re going to have vampires just walking around in the daylight, they really should have natural skin tones. Otherwise, it makes them look … well, judge for yourself:

In other news, I finished Chapter 14 and Chapter 15 of Jumpgate Blues, my attempt at writing a novel in a month. I poke gentle fun at the Twilight series but I find that I do share one thing in common with its author, Stephenie Meyer: we both write for the pure love of writing and if others enjoy it, then that’s just a bonus. Of course, her readers number in the millions and mine can be counted on one hand. But hey, you gotta start somewhere…

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