Flashback to the 80s

I’m headed to my 20th year high school reunion this weekend, which made me think of Depeche Mode. I was really into them in high school so I dug up this video on YouTube. Oddly enough, I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen this video. Growing up, we didn’t have cable and hence, no MTV. Oh, but I can hear you young whippersnappers asking, “What does MTV have to do with music videos?” Well see, back in my day, MTV used to play music videos. Man, I’m old…

6 Responses to “Flashback to the 80s”

  1. Deluxe Says:

    Despite being too young (1982) for Depeche Mode by a few years, I like some songs like ‘Enjoy the silence’. Just a classic…

  2. Takenso Says:

    “I’m headed to my 20th year high school reunion this weekend…” sorry, but how old r u? >35 ?

  3. Mach Says:

    I’m 36! Apparently, a decade older than Deluxe… Ah, you crazy kids with your smart phones and new technology. When I was your age, our cell phones were the size of bricks and they didn’t have cameras or games or YouTubes. We were lucky if they told us the time.

  4. OldFogey Says:

    Boo hoo cry me a river. We grew up with rotary dials and Colossal Cave on a stinkin PDP-11. Try stuffing that in your backpack.

  5. Mach Says:

    Ah, PDP-11… I think I took a computer class as a kid on one of those. It was either that or a VAX something or other. But I definitely had a rotary dial growing up. If you’re nostalgic for those, you should check out my friend’s app: http://lux.vu/blog/rotary-dialer/

  6. Deluxe Says:

    I didn’t get a rotary dial (but Grand Ma yes) but we’ve got Minitel !