Happy Fourth of July!

Okay, it’s not quite yet the Fourth of July. But I don’t usually post on Saturdays so it’s a bit early. Anyways, I’ve always loved this holiday as a kid because it’s so magical. I mean, sure, I loved Christmas because of the presents and I loved Thanksgiving because of the cranberry sauce (and I’m talking about the stuff that comes out of a can without any bits of real cranberry because really, who wants actual fruit in their sauce as a kid?).

But what other holiday is celebrated by blowing stuff up? (Okay, there’s Guy Fawke’s Night but I didn’t find out about that until much later.) This was the one holiday where I was allowed — nay, encouraged — to set things on fire. And as amazing as fire was by itself, it was taken to a whole new level with fireworks. Not only was fire bright and dynamic, it was also multi-colored and capable of propelling and spinning and sparkling!

Fourth of July probably had something to do with my desire to work in the effects industry and, truth be told, my slight prediliction for pyromania. In any case, I have fond memories of those hot summer days and the nights that came with them because the world seemed almost magical then. So many things seemed possible on those nights and it was all the sweeter for only happening once a year.

Happy Fourth of July!

One Response to “Happy Fourth of July!”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    Happy Fourth Mach. I agree, the 4th was always the favorite Holiday for my family. I grew up in Washington DC and everyone seemed to really get into this day. We always had a huge cookout and after walked over to the fireworks. Now that I live in Los Angeles, I find people don’t care as much about it. Kind of a bummer.

    Happy Independence Day to everyone

    Mach, don’t hurt yourself with the fireworks.