Holograms is Now Available on the iTunes Store!

Woohoo! Holograms was approved for sale on Saturday afternoon and can now be purchased on the iTunes store. If you buy it this week, it’s only $0.99! It’s kind of a quirky app — not really a game or a utility and there isn’t anything else quite like it. So I think sales are going to mostly be driven by word of mouth and positive reviews. If you like it, please post a review on the iTunes store or consider chiming in on this Touch Arcade forum thread. But mostly, tell your friends about it!

3 Responses to “Holograms is Now Available on the iTunes Store!”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    Good Luck. I hope this one makes some big money for you.

  2. Takenso Says:

    Hi Mach!, Congratulations and Success!

    Two Issues:
    one, you should not put the price in USD $ because it can be confusing in Store of other countries (EUR, YEN, CAD).
    Two, this is the translation to Spanish if you want to place it in the iTunes Store.


    Semana Especial por la WWDC, precio de venta reducido hasta Septiembre 13!

    Crea hologramas virtuales en tu iPhone o iPod Touch solo en tres sencillos pasos!

    1. Selecciona una imagen de tu galeria de fotos.
    2. Presiona la pantalla para agregar profundidad a la imagen.
    3. Usa el acelerometro para ver la imagen virtual en 3D.

    Con holograms, puedes tomar fotos y convertirlas en hologramas virtuales. Inclina el dispositivo hacia adelante y hacia atrás para ver el efecto 3D. También se puede utilizar para distorsionar las imágenes y añadir diversos efectos como “Láser”, “Arco Iris” y “Fuente”.

    Mira la demostración en video:
    miralo en acción!

  3. Mach Says:

    Ooh, good point, I hadn’t thought of the USD issue. Also, NinjaHero pointed out that WWDC ends on *June* 13, not *September* 13. Thanks for the translation, Takenso. I’ve added the Spanish app description to the iTunes store.