Trotti Biking in the Swiss Alps

I’m here on my last couple of days in Switzerland. It’s been a total blast staying with my friends in Zurich and checking out the other cities. I haven’t gone through all my photos, but I thought this little video might be amusing. It shows a bit of the Swiss Alps and … well, you’ll see. It’s remarkably reminiscent of my earlier work, Mach Attempts a Blue Run. I think there’s an important lesson here about attempting new activities for the first time while simultaneously trying to film it, but I can’t quite figure it out…

2 Responses to “Trotti Biking in the Swiss Alps”

  1. Harry Says:

    omg daredevil. I thought you were gonna have a second bike accident there for a sec. lol
    What camera do you use? a Flip?
    You should invest in an HD pocket camcorder like the Flip Mino HD for your next trip.

  2. Mach Says:

    Hah, it was just a little Canon Elph in movie mode. I’ve been thinking about getting a Flip or something but considering my propensity for crashing into things while holding a video camera, I’ve been a bit reluctant to make the purchase.