Orientation Working

Phew, I managed to get the orientation stuff working! It’s not that hard to rotate the image itself but it’s a bit trickier to get all the touch interactions and texture modifications rotated as well. It just goes to show, the hardest part is often not the part you see, but the stuff that goes on behind the scenes.

2 Responses to “Orientation Working”

  1. Randy Cuba Says:

    Hi Mach, absolutely cool. I can also give you a hand in testing it. Here is my UUID, if you get around to test it.

    Here are few helpful tips:

    1) Register UUID in permitted devices on the developer web site.
    2) Create a new developer or distro profile after.
    3) Download the profile and double-click it to import it in XCode.
    4) Build your app.

    And here is my UDID.

    Good luck and thanks!

  2. Mach Says:

    Thanks for the info and if I end up doing a beta test, I’ll be sure to include you!