Neko Helmet, R.I.P.

First off, let me say that I’m okay, aside from a bruised foot.

Anyways, you know how you’re watching a movie and the guy says, “I’m only two days away from retirement!” and then BAM! he gets blow’ed up or something? Well, last night, just a couple days before my big vacation, I pull out of the parking lot at work on my motorcycle and ride along the same street I always ride down as a car comes up to a stop sign to my right — only, the other car doesn’t stop and makes a left turn right into me.

I swerved to try to avoid, he slammed into me, and I went flying through the air to land on sweet, sweet pavement. My bike’s pretty messed up, possibly unrideable. But fortunately, I always wear a helmet and a very rugged full-body suit so I was able to walk (well, hobble) away.

Sadly, my helmet did not survive the impact. (You’re really not supposed to wear a helmet beyond one accident and that white gash on the side of the helmet is where the asphalt said hello to my head.) So this post is dedicated to you, Neko Helmet! You served me well, protecting my precious noggin so that I might live to code iPhone apps another day.

7 Responses to “Neko Helmet, R.I.P.”

  1. Danimal Says:

    YIKES! I’m glad to hear you were able to walk away from the collision. At least it’s mostly just things that got damaged. I hope you feel better Mach! When I get my motorcycle we’ll have to go riding some time.

  2. Paul Robinson Says:

    Thank goodness you are ok.

  3. Harry Says:


  4. NinjaHERO Says:

    Bummer. Glad you are all right Mach.

  5. Mach Says:

    Thanks, everyone! It’s been a couple days and the foot’s much better. Sadly, the bike is still messed up. But hopefully insurance will take care of that.

  6. Nick Says:

    Glad your ok, that’s all that matters, bikes can be fixed or replaced regardless of how badly they get damaged

  7. Will Says:

    I love your blog