Happy New Year!

As far as holidays go, Japanese people make a much bigger deal out of New Years than Christmas. New Years is the main family gathering event and like Thanksgiving in America, food plays an important part. There are traditional black beans that you eat for luck, crunchy fish eggs that you eat for health, and a bunch of other stuff that I’m not totally sure on. But it’s all good.

Another Japanese New Years belief is that whatever you do on that day is an indication of what the next year will bring. So, for example, if you’re a kid and the family is driving down to see relatives on New Years Day, it’s extra important that you don’t fight with your little brother in the car. Either that, or it’s just something my mom made up to keep us quiet that one day.

In any case, I did a bit of iPhone programming and figured out a minor issue I was having trouble with (getting my UITableView to properly shrink and grow when the keyboard appears and disappears using posted notifications) so I take that as a good sign for the coming year.

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