You will do well to expand your business.

You will do well to expand your business.

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I’d be interested in giving a talk on RenderMan and Wall-E at CG Event, a computer graphics conference in Russia. I said, “Hells, yeah!” I just got my tourist visa yesterday and then I got this fortune cookie message that read, “You will do well to expand your business.” Coincidence or eerily prescient piece of confectionary? You decide. Perhaps the cookie is telling me to start pushing my iPhone app in Russia. Or perhaps it’s telling me to go ahead with that idea of Mach Dice plush toys for Christmas.

In any case, if there happen to be any of you blog visitors or Mach Dice purchasers that are going to be in Moscow on November 29 or 30, let me know. I’d love to say, “Hi!” (or “Privet!”, as it were…).

In other news, my foot is healing up nicely from the motorcycle accident. (Note to self: slamming into a concrete barrier is a painful, though effective, method to slow down.) But the other day, I discovered something neat, although gross, about my swollen foot. Check it out if you dare, but this video is not for the squeamish

6 Responses to “Russia!”

  1. NinjaHERO Says:

    Holy crap Mach, that isn’t normal. I hope your foot heals soon. Have fun in Russia. I leave you with one bit of advice, beware the reds.

  2. mackmgg Says:

    how do u like the mockup of a mach dice toy:

  3. Mach Says:

    Heh, nice mockup. The best part is that it’s already out in stores! Sadly, I don’t make any profit on it, though…

  4. Ptits Says:

    Privet Mach!
    We are waiting for you here, in Moscow.
    Preparing some fresh snow and some fun.
    cg event team

  5. Mach Says:

    Ooh, snow… I haven’t seen that in years. I’m looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the team! I’d better hurry up and finish that presentation…

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