A friend of mine asked me if I ever used Twitter. No, because my life isn’t nearly that interesting. It’d be all:

  • I’m going to work
  • I’m trying to work
  • I’m avoiding work
  • I’m leaving work
  • sleeeep…

Tracy reminded me of the time we lived in Hawaii and we lived next to what we called “the party tree”. Every morning at 5am, this giant tree filled with birds thirteen floors below us would burst into a chorus of chirps. She asked, “What the heck are they chirping about?” And I replied, “They’re all like, ‘Hi! I’m a bird!’, ‘Hi! I’m a bird, too!’, ‘Check it out, I’m a bird!'” That’s what it seems like it be for me on Twitter.

Still, I’m curious. Are you on Twitter? If so, how do you use it?

One Response to “Twitter”

  1. Si Brindley Says:

    I use Twitter as my only blog these days (i.e. a “microblog”). I love that it forces me to put my thought(s) succinctly as this encourages me to blog more. I enjoy crafting what I want to say into a little haiku for my small audience of friends. I definitely didn’t “get” Twitter for a long time. Once you have a few real-life friends following you it’s great. And when they’re mutual friends who are following each other too, it’s potentially magical.

    I also follow a bunch of web semi-celebs. They post often with nuggets that don’t justify a full blog post. I think you’d enjoy it if you gave it a fair crack. It takes time to gain momentum (and followers). I’ll follow you! Just don’t post any “I’m eating a cheese sandwich”/”Hi, I’m a bird!” messages. 🙂