Backgrounds and Minus Signs

Tracy took a bunch of pictures around the house and made a few new backgrounds for you all. Here’s one of them: Sidewalk. The next update will have a total of 5 backgrounds but I’m still trying to work out what they’ll be.

I also implemented a minus sign. The old “+” button now says “+-“. If you press it once, you’ll add values. If you press it twice, you’ll subtract values.

2 Responses to “Backgrounds and Minus Signs”

  1. I'm the white rabbit. Says:

    It’s great to see a developer so responsive to feedback, and the updates look great. I can’t wait for the new version to be available in the app store.

    Since you are implementing additional backgrounds, is there any chance you could allow us to use our own pictures as custom backgrounds in a future version?

  2. Mach Says:

    The feedback is very useful. I’m glad there are people out there reading my updates.

    I would like to implement custom backgrounds, but it’s a little tricky because it involves some resizing and saving out of data between sessions. It probably won’t make it into the next update, but hopefully someday.