Fudge Dice for Mach Dice!

Have you bought my iPhone / iPod app, Mach Dice? It’s been, like, forever since I’ve done an update to it, right? Well, I’ve started taking one night a week to try to work on iPhone stuff and this week, I implemented fudge dice — one of the most popular feature requests I get.

What are fudge dice? They’re dice that have an equal number of plus sides, minus sides, and blank sides. Typically, you roll 4 of them and then add up the plusses and subtract the minuses to get a value from -4 to 4 in a rough normal distribution. But you can also add them to other dice, like a d10 in my screenshot.

The way you’ll create them in Mach Dice is to tell it to use a “d3”. Why d3? Because there are three possible values: plus, minus, and blank. There will also be a setting to let you use d3 as values from 1 to 3.

It’ll be a while before I submit an update because there are a couple other things I’d like to implement as well. But hopefully, it’ll be out in the next few weeks.

7 Responses to “Fudge Dice for Mach Dice!”

  1. Ninjahero Says:

    Fudge dice would be awesome Mach. It has been a while since we got an update. Nice to know you still play around with the program from time to time. Looking forward to the update. Keep up the good work pal. 🙂

  2. Mach Says:

    Thanks! Glad to hear people will use it. =)

  3. Ninjahero Says:

    Yeah, it would be awesome for Spirit of the Century. Plus my buddy creates RPGs and everything he is making now uses fudge dice. I am looking forward to this.

  4. Gomad Says:

    Now would be a great time for this update. As SotC before it, the Dresden Files RPG is causing a worldwide shortage of Fudge dice! I would love to be able to throw 4dF with my trusty Mach dice!

  5. WarEagleMage Says:

    Get the fudge update up and running and I’ll be sure to post about it on all the Dresden RPG sites. Every single dice retailer at GenCon was completely sold out and now you can’t even find them online.

  6. Mach Says:

    The update has been submitted, so I’m just waiting on Apple to approve it. It shouldn’t be long now…

  7. Mach Says:

    The update has been approved! Go buy Mach Dice on iTunes now! (Or get the free update if you’ve already bought it.)