Over the weekend, we drove down to LA with the baby and brought down baby food, diapers, changes of clothes, powder formula, wipes, play pen, sippy cup, toys, and his spoon.

Did you notice what we forgot? Neither did we. We forgot his bottle, the one that he always had before he went to sleep. But by the time we got in, it was pretty late. So, we tried just putting him to bed. It was a bit of a struggle, but somehow he did it. And that was that. He was weaned off the bottle.

Or so I thought. Last night, he woke up screaming around midnight and kept on crying solid for an hour. Tracy went in a few times to give him some water and put him back down, but he kept on crying and crying. So I went in and finally just picked him up and held him until he went to sleep. I know that you’re not really supposed to, but … he just seemed so darned sad. He’d just lost his bottle and I thought, maybe he just needed to be held, just this one more time. And you know what? I think it worked. Maybe sometimes, you lose your bottle and life seems too hard and maybe sometimes, you just need to be held.

2 Responses to “Weaning”

  1. Jason Says:

    I remember a VERY similar situation. My sone had the majority of his teeth by the time he was 1 (yeah.. THAT was fun) and he had a pacifier. Well, one day we had found him with his pacifier on the floor. I went to pick it up and had found that he had bitten the “rubber7-goodness” off and the piece was in his mouth. After fishing that out, it was decided that we can’t give him a pacifier anymore at risk of him biting it off again and choking on it. Yeah… that was a ROUGH week. Afterwards, though… no more “binky”! w00t!

  2. Mach Says:

    Heh, fortunately, our son decided to give up pacifiers on his own one day. Now if only he decided to potty train on his own…